Family Recipe Tea Towels


Does your Aunt have the recipe for the BEST lemon cake that your family eats every year? Or maybe your dad's eggs Benedict is legendary. Perhaps your mom makes baked mac n cheese like NO other. Or, perhaps your new recipe for ceviche is the most perfect you've had, and you want to gift a version of it to yourself or a loved one. I gotchu!

Food means home, and food means love. Nothing brings us back to tradition,a sense of belonging or intention like a special recipe. I'd love to make you a custom tea towel out of those exact memories----making a special item a functional and daily use item.

All you need to do is submit an image of a cherished recipe. A photo from straight above is best. You can scan it too, but be sure to scan it in color---it adds authenticity and charm. Wrinkles, stains and tears are great! No recipe is too ragged to make into a special gift.

From your image, I'll digitize it and adjust it to fit cozily so I can print your towel! The finished product will be about 17" x 20", 55% cotton and 45% linen. It will be cut, sewn and packaged by Morris + Norris!

Pricing starts at $35 for these special gifts. There are several add-ons availble. For an extra $3, I can package the towel with the title of your loved ones' recipe! For an extra $3, I will gift wrap the towel in our custom Morris + Norris tissue paper.

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