Morris and Norris is derived from Morrisson's Road and Norris's Bar---both in Waterford, Ireland. Business owner Emily Delahunty's husband is a Waterford native, and they spend the majority of their time in Ireland on Morrisson's Road (where the family home is), or at Norris's, spending time with family and friends (Norris's is visible from the same home on Morrisson's Road!)

photo by Shannon Pierce


I'm Emily Delahunty, a Richmond, VA based artist. I work in illustration, textile design, and printmaking.

I am inspired by literature, historic objects, my native state of Virginia, and especially my adopted city of Richmond. A background in fine art processes draws me to traditional techniques that I can incorporate in a more modern context. Research and development, often in an immersive way, starts my creative process. Sketching or painting pattern or product ideas is how I begin to work through ideas–though the final drawings are usually recreated again in finished form before they are digitized. Repetition of this element of the creative process lends itself to the pattern repeats present in my surface design work, and connects me to the work. Though the research and development can be immersive and serious, I create final products that have an air of whimsy and playfulness to them. I enjoy the challenge and focus required of conceptualization, physical or digital pattern design, and then the return to my own hand for the finished product; be it through sewing a tea towel, painting a hand-cut wooden house, or setting type for a letterpress print.

Please take a look around, and give me a shout if you have any questions, comments, or custom projects you'd like to discuss!

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