Bit by Bit...

Posted on October 23 2015

Things have been busy here: September featured a move into a fantastic studio space, shared with a great group off amazing women makers. I'm thrilled to be surrounded by creative and supportive ladies while I interrogate....I MEAN learn from their infinite wisdom! I've been working on a few different projects in many different mediums, as is my habit. Pattern design is going well, with three Richmond, VA-based designs in wrapping paper. Look for these bad boys on Etsy in the next week or so.  Spoon_Roof1   900_fan     Roof_star_spoon_large Moving into textile work, I've also been fiddling around with tea towels. Pomander, the Fan, coffee and Simbelmynë patterened (give those Tolkien fans some love!) tea towels will be designed and ready for sale sometime around the holiday season! Coffee_Setup_resub    holidaytest Finally, I've been working on a line of goofy painted wooden row houses....stay tuned for them---I'm very excited about the possibilities!

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